La gotita, Cool Davis mascot with attendees of the Cool Davis Festival 2012. Credit: Judy Moores

We are so grateful for all the work that our volunteers, leaders partners and sponsors did to make the Cool Davis Festival 2012 so successful! With nearly 70 exhibits, great weather and all your efforts to make this new venue work, it was a beautiful and wonderful day!

Cool Davis would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the following:

Betsy Raymond, Program Chair, and her team of performers, techs and stage managers, roving minstrels and town criers for all the energy and creativity you provided that crafted a fabulous program full of good music, good performing arts and good humor. Your efforts made a huge difference in boosting us to a new level of entertainment and fun at the Festival.

Don Saylor, Yolo County Supervisor, for being a fabulous emcee and going with whatever the next script or announcement was handed to you!

All of our amazingly creative and silly City Council members, Joe Krovoza, Lucas Frerichs, Brett Lee, Rochelle Swanson and Dan Wolk, for their morning theatrics and their ongoing commitment to implementing the Davis Climate Action and Adaptation plan while having fun.

Randii McNear and all the staff and vendors of the Davis Farmers Market whose flexibility, advice and care made this change of venue such a positive and easy experience!

Anthony Palmere, Teri Sheets and all of Unitrans for having free bus transportation all day in honor of the Festival, and encouraging people to use active transportation.

Kelsey Monahan and the US Bicycling Hall of Fame for providing free entrance to the museum and teaching about bicycling history.

Denise Morse and the Cool Solutions Center experts team who bravely took on moving this massive exhibit to our new outdoor venue under the tent provided by A Grand Affair.

Lynne Nittler and her Demonstrations team: Debra Chase, Lisa Baker, Sithu Tun/Davis Food Coop and Rhonda & Tony Gruska whose booth attracted large audiences and crafted some tasty fare, tempting market goers out into the Festival grounds!

All of our Cool Davis partners, sponsors and exhibitors related to gardening, composting & irrigation, home energy & solar, City of Davis programs, UC Davis programs, faith communities, local businesses and non-profit/advocacy groups.

The Davis Food Coop for providing free water to all who brought their own bottle to this zero waste event.

Judy Moores, Georgia Mckenzie, Maria Pedersen, Robin Fadke, and the DMA video team for taking pictures and helping us record our festival activities. Special appreciation goes to Judy Moores for creating the beautiful Cool Davis banners and Lynne Nittler for other signage that made the event have the desired feel of a Renaissance Faire!

Valentina Cekowski and Sam Lebow for coordinating our zero waste team and all you “trash talkers” that helped during the day and for clean-up!

Our Cool Davis T-shirt sales, Raffle and other booth set-up teams and coordinators Kristin Heinemeyer, Karen Hamilton and Joni Asakawa.

The Cool Davis Communications Team: Anya McCann, Nick Buxton, Claire Black Slotton, Felicia Alvarez, Lynne Nittler, Joe Johnston and Chris Blackman, who crafted all our graphics, PR, posters, articles for the enterprise, newsletters and website and social media.

Cool Davis Cool Challenges Team: Kendall Essex, Clara Ines Perez Pineda, Christine Bachman, Dorothy Kepner, and Chris Jones who put together such a wonderful and effective booth signing up 53 new households and gathering “Cool Stories” from these and 30 current Cool California participants. And to Gheed and other high school students who helped manage the kids coloring contest!

Our Volunteer Check–in Crew, Jo Ellen Ryan, Gene Trapp, Linda Putino, and Debbie Kennedy, who calmly dealt with our Plan B for volunteer check-in, making every volunteer feel welcome and getting them connected to their leader on site!

Eugen Dunlap and the Sacramento and Davis Electric Auto Association members who shared their personal cars at the EV Plug-in Show & Tell.

Bill Heineke, Alan Pryor, John Johnston, and Mitch Sears, our Set-up, Take- Down and turn it all around logistics leaders that got all those tents, tables, signs , barriers, water and waste barrels in place by 8 and all taken down by 4 pm.

The awesome teams of UCD Rotoract, Calpirg Students, UCD Regents Scholars Society, DHS Environmental Club and Holmes Junior High for all your work helping with set-up, cleanup, trash talking, program handling, booth activities etc… Thanks for doing all the random things you were asked to do and just doing whatever needed doing!

Jim Watson and Christal Waters of Davis Bicycles!, Peter Wagner’s Whymcycles and Bike Collective for your fun and adventurous Bike Circus. Next year — off to the races!

City of Davis Staff members Bob Bowen, Jennifer Gilbert, DK (David Kemp), Maria Graham, Martin Guerena, Christine Rivard, Dominique Sayer, Mitch Sears, Kelly Stachowitz and Stacey Winton without whose patience, help, advice and creativity we would have never pulled off our late in the day decision to move to the Market.

Finally all our partners’ and sponsors’ support made it possible for us to continue to offer this event free to our community. Thank you to City of Davis, the Davis Enterprise, Davis Farmers’ Market, Unitrans, Plumbing M.D., SIEMENS, Yolo Federal Credit Union, A Grand Affair, Brower Mechanical,, Davis Energy Group, Davis Media Access, Davis Waste Removal, REC Solar, Yolo Clean Air, Yolo County Housing, ZipCar, Davis Bicycles!, Davis Community Church, Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, Monticello Cuisine, Morse Remodeling, Talbott Solar, Yolo Energy Watch, US Bicycling Hall of Fame, UU Church of Davis-Green Sanctuary, West Yost Associates.

We sincerely appreciate all you have done to have made the Festival such a wonderful and Cool event this year!


Chris Granger and Kerry Daane Loux, Festival Co-chairs