Nature’s Theater produces environmentally-themed books and plays for children and is the latest to join Cool Davis as a partner.

The company is the loving work of Jeff Falyn and Lyndsay Dawkins who have worked with Cool Davis since 2010. At the 10-10-10 Cool Davis Festival, they used humor and fun to introduce a theater full of families to climate change and personal ways to make a difference.

The Mission of Nature’s Theater

Jeff and Lyndsay say, “Our mission for Nature’s Theater is to connect young children, our next generation of sustainable caretakers for the Earth, to the joys of being outside. We strive to inspire kids using interactive, environmentally- themed stories in the outdoors and on stage.

“Many of our actors are teenagers, young adults and seniors, and our stories foster responsibility, appreciation for the natural world, and environmental sustainability, and build community, too. ”

Lyndsay Dawkins plays Nature’s Hero as she guides kids in front of the band.

Books with environmental themes

Jeff and Lyndsay have written 9 Nature’s Theater books—with more on the way. Each book contains an environmentally themed story (for children 4-10 years old) along with step-by-step information on how to lead an outing in an outdoor setting—such as a park, nature trail, or school grounds.

They are about to embark on a marketing campaign to distribute their books throughout the country to after-school, camp, and scouting groups. Each book focuses on empowering youth and at the same time plants a seed to help them develop their environmental awareness.

Nature’s Theater presents Glug Glug and the Water Boss on water conservation.

Teaming with Cool Davis

Lyndsay and Jeff say, “Cool Davis has been a gift! We are grateful for the opportunities to present our plays at the past two Cool Davis Festivals. This fall, we  put on “The Search for King Carbon” at the  Cool Davis Festival on October 13 on the Rotary Stage in Central Park.

Together we are able to pursue mutual goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and moving toward sustainable lifestyles and communities.”

With the help of Tuleyome, Cool Davis Foundation and a Clear Air Fund Grant from the Yolo Solano Air Quality Management District, Nature’s Theater will also take “The Search for King Carbon” on the road to present the play at elementary schools in all five Yolo County cities.

For more information on Nature’s Theater or to obtain one of their books, e-mail Jeff Falyn at jfalyn AT

Cool Davis Initiative welcomes Nature’s Theater as its most recent partner and looks forward to working with Jeff and Lyndsay in the years to come.