Lower Home Energy aims to help homeowners create changes for a greener life, save money, and lower their home energy use.

Lower Home Energy is owned by Vance Barker, a certified Home Performance Consultant who says, “My business focuses on homes and helps owners make the best decisions about what types of investments will give them the greatest return in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, and monetary savings, too.”

Vance reports that he is pleased to be able to own his own business, and that his work contributes to a greener environment by helping people to reduce their carbon footprints.

Second, he is happy to work in the city where he lives and to work to reduce energy consumption in residential homes.

And last but not least, he is happy for his business to become a Cool Davis Partner and that his work furthers the Cool Davis mission. For more information, go to his website (www.lowerhomeenergy.com).  Cool Davis welcomes Vance Barker and his Lower Home Energy business.

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