With Community Choice Energy, Davis could contract energy from local solar farms

Is it time for Davis to have control over its own energy future and make the investments in renewable energy that all we want. Cool Davis  is sponsoring a Community Choice Energy Workshop  at 6:30 PM on Thursday, June 14 at the Davis Senior Center on 646 A. St. Come along and help shape our city’s energy future!

A Community Choice Energy program can have many different forms depending on needs of electricity users.  But it is generally a coalition of municipalities or the residents within a single municipality that pool their energy-buying power as a tool for pursuing the community’s vision for its energy future.  The coalition can contract energy resources for their residents and businesses from more sustainable and/or local sources of energy, or invest in conservation, at rates comparable to those provided by the single utility company, while reflecting local goals and values.
Community Choice Energy allows a community to take control of its own energy future and to decide on its own energy mix.  A Community Choice Energy program in which Davis begins to utilize more power from local conservation, solar and biomass resources may be a cost-effective way for the City of Davis and Yolo County as a whole to meet the goals specified in the Davis Climate Action Plan and the Yolo County CAP.
A successful Community Choice Energy program has been operating in Marin County since May, 2010, and has recently expanded to include every city in Marin County.  San Francisco and Sonoma County are both already moving forward with Community Choice Energy programs and each has developed detailed plans to invest in local, clean-energy resources.

Yolo County has more recently begun its own work on a county-wide plan for Community Choice Energy led by the City of Davis.  With our unique access to the world-class energy institutes at UC Davis and the high-level of public support in Davis for clean energy, we are perfectly situated to take a leadership role in community-based energy development and to benefit the local economy with investment in clean energy resources.
Join Cool Davis, Valley Climate Action, and the City of Davis for a public workshop featuring leading figures in the community-based energy movement from around the state for an evening of exploration and discussion of our clean energy future in Davis and the region.
Thursday, June 14, 6:30 to 8:30  p.m.
Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street