The Cool Davis Foundation, is a  fundraising non-profit organization that supports initiatives related to the Cool Davis Initiative, environmental stewardship, and eco-justice. Until September 2011, it hosted together with the City of Davis most information on the Initiative. Its website is still live and can be visited here at  

Cool Davis Foundation has non-profit organization status 501 (c) (3) (EIN 27-3056050), was formed to promote energy conservation, water conservation, and sustainable lifestyle practices in the City of Davis, California. Its general purpose is build a formal mechanism to support the development and dissemination of educational materials to the public relating to the Cool Davis Initiative, environmental stewardship, and eco-justice, including but not limited to, dissemination of information through publications, lectures, conferences, expositions, or otherwise.

The Cool Davis Foundation consists of 4-7 board members who raise money to pursue the purposes stated above. The Foundation organizes and supports events as fund-raisers that in turn support other events that may be offered free to the public. All of our events carry us farther toward the ultimate goal of zero emissions by 2050, as called for in the Davis Climate Action and Adaption Plan.

Cool Davis Foundation meetings will be posted on the Cool Davis calendar and are open to the public.

The current Board members are:
Judy Moores – President
Lynne Nittler – Secretary
Alan Pryor – Treasurer
John Mott-Smith – member at large

The Cool Davis Foundation requests donations from the greater Davis community to support the Cool Davis Festival (October 16, 2011) in order to keep it free and open to everyone in the community and for other projects related to carrying out the mission of the Cool Davis Initiative and implementation of the community aspects of the City of Davis Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

Donations to the Cool Davis Foundation are tax-deductible and may be sent to Cool Davis Foundation at 2736 Brentwood Place, Davis, CA 95618.