More electric and low emission vehicles will be encouraged by new emissions standards

The Cool Davis Initiative is backing a state-wide campaign in support of improving Californian car emission standards that will help reduce air pollution, protect public health and tackle climate change. In November, 2011, the California Air Resources Board will vote on the California Car emissions standards in several categories that will apply until 2025.

The proposed new rules will ensure that :

  • new cars and light trucks produce fewer emissions
  • the newest, gasoline-free, advanced clean vehicle technologies—such as electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars—are brought to California
  • make sure we have the infrastructure — including hydrogen for fuel cells and public charging for electric vehicles — in place to fuel new clean cars coming to California roads.

In addition to saving California consumers billions at the pump, cleaner passenger cars and light trucks can protect consumers from price spikes due to world oil market uncertainty and reduce smog, air and carbon pollution. California’s updated Clean Cars Program will also provide a working model for other states and the federal government to increase the country’s commitment to advanced clean cars. Find out more at