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Communications Working Group

Cool Davis communications group was set up to:

  • coordinate and run the core communications of Cool Davis including the website, newsletter, facebook, twitter and other social media
  • develop an overall communications strategy that can help Cool Davis achieve its goals
  • support the communications work of different Projects Read more

Measurement, learning and evaluation group

measuring success

How can Cool Davis measure its impact?

Measurement & Learning Group – CDI is trying to measure what we are accomplishing. Do you like data collection, surveys and crunching numbers? Contact Chris Granger at cgranger AT Read more

UC Davis Students

Students at Cool Davis Initiative Rally in 2009

Students at Cool Davis Initiative Rally in 2009

Students have been at the heart of Cool Davis since it was launched, promoting the campaign within the university and pioneering many sustainability initiatives that the city has taken up.

In  2011, under the umbrella Make Davis Cool students, organized an apartment canvas day visiting over 500 apartment units to raise awareness of Earth Week events on campus and to provide resources to get involved. Read more

Zero waste working group

A conscious zero-waste policy can stop trash going to the landfill and reduce carbon emissions

The Zero Waste Working Group will gather ideas and resources to help individuals and groups host small and large events aiming for zero waste.  Please refer to Resources/Zero Waste on our website now for some information.  Read more

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