Become a Cool Home

Hundreds of households in Davis have become a Cool Home!

Hundreds of households in Davis have become a Cool Home!

Hundreds of Davis households have signed up to become Cool Homes! Cool Homes are households of residents just like you and me who are working to reduce their carbon emissions and to live more sustainably.

All you have to do is complete a Cool Homes Checklist to tell us what you’ve already done and what you plan to do in the future. This information helps us plan special programs and discounts for you and your neighbors.

Sign up now!

Fill our Cool Homes Checklist/Survey online

Want to keep a copy for yourself?

> Print out the checklist (PDF) for your own use.

Once you’re signed up you will receive:

  • Our monthly newsletter with great tips, recipes, and climate adaptation information to help with your plan
  • Notices about workshops on topics of interest to your household
  • Announcements about special programs and discounts for households taking action
  • Opportunities to participate in special events and competitions with rewards and prizes

Want to do more?

Volunteer with our Cool Homes Household Engagement Team to help sign up and support other households.  If you’re already a Cool Home and have made substantial progress towards net zero living, you may be a good candidate to be a Cool Home Lite House.  Your story can help others in our community move toward low carbon living.

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