The Cool Davis Coalition is a network of organizations and individuals including more than 80 partners joined together to support the Cool Davis mission.

Under the Coalition umbrella, members:

  • Help and mentor between organizations to achieve lower carbon footprints themselves,
  • Create a place for creative community dialogue and social/political action,
  • Provide community forums, collaborative projects,  and fun educational events about climate change, action and adaptation, and
  • Host Festivals and Fairs focused on community education for greenhouse gas reduction and sustainability.  Cool Davis hosted the Cool Davis Festival from 2010-2014.
  • The Coalition also provides advice to the One Cool City Campaign as well as the Cool Davis Foundation Board through two representative seats.

Coalition Working Groups:

The Coalition provides an umbrella for several active working groups including:


Many working groups have formed since 2010.  Each forms for a different purpose.  Some groups are ongoing and others finish their task and dissolve.

About Coalition Working Groups

Their Purpose: Action on climate issues and sustainability in the Davis community can involve many different organizations, skill sets and goals.  Working groups are a way for partners and action oriented individuals to work together to plan activities, design new and innovative projects or to develop policy or strategies for action.

How they form. An idea for an activity or project is identified and developed by a small team from inside or outside the Coalition. This group brings their idea to Cool Davis (Coalition) and requests permission become a formal Working Group under the Cool Davis Coalition to develop and implement the project or activity.


  • Committee contact, liaison, or Chair represents group at Steering Committee Meetings,
  • Keep the Coalition Steering Committee informed of activities through meeting minutes & calendar,
  • Arrange own meeting dates and venues (Cool Davis or City venues may be available)
  • Recruit members of the group,
  • Represent the Working Group, not the Steering Committee or Cool Davis generally,
  • Seek approval of Steering Committee and CDF on major projects especially those requiring funding or participation using Cool Davis’ non-profit status. The Steering Committee and the Cool Davis Foundation must approve any such funding plan.
  • Work with the Cool Davis Communication Committee regarding the use of logos, accessing email lists etc.,
  • Network with other groups inside and outside of Cool Davis as needed,
  • Work to keep people engaged and enthusiastic, and
  • Have fun!

To join the Cool Davis Coalition, email





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