How We Work

Over 70 participants converse at May 2016 Sustainability Summit

There are three functioning parts making up Cool Davis:

  • the Cool Davis Board sets the strategic direction and generates the resources to support Cool Davis staff and volunteers in their work in the community;
  • the Cool Davis Cool Solutions Campaigns are lead by paid and volunteer staff who assist households in achieving specific goals in greenhouse gas reduction
  • the Cool Davis Coalition of partners and individuals is committed to the Cool Davis mission and convenes to work on common projects and to assist each other in achieving goals.

Cool Davis Board  The Cool Davis Board of Directors meets monthly, and can have up to 15 members. It has four active committees: governance, operations, programs, and community relations.

Cool Davis Cool Solutions Campaigns & Cool Homes

Cool Davis paid and volunteer staff  direct the campaigns and programs that assist households in reduce greenhouse gases.  Campaign goals are derived directly from the City of Davis Climate Action and Adaptation Plan and green house gas inventories assessments.  Campaigns  are designed and advised by expert task forces.  Active Campaigns like Double Up on Solar Davis, set clear goals like doubling the number of roof top solar systems in Davis by 2020.  Campaign volunteers and staff then share information, provide advice, educational events and workshops to assist households in achieving their plans.

Cool Homes Households are the many households throughout Davis that are working hard to reduce their impact and live more sustainability in the community.  They sign up, assess what they are already have accomplished and make a plan to work the next changes they want to make in their lives, homes or neighborhoods.

Cool Davis Coalition

The Cool Davis Coalition is a network of organizations and individuals who share resources and inspiration around the Cool Davis mission including over 80 (and growing) partner organizations who mentor each other in greenhouse gas reduction action, organize educational forums, advocate on climate issues, put on the Cool Davis Festival, and other collaborative projects. The Coalition convenes quarterly with a steering group meeting between those meetings.

The Coalition is the umbrella for several working groups including:

Cool Davis Partners are community organizations and businesses committed to Cool Davis goals.  They receive exposure and synergy with the Cool Davis mission and contribute funds, volunteers and other resources to the effort. Partners are automatically members of the Coalition and may participate in any of its activities. For more information, see our Partners page.

Cool Davis works thanks to the extraordinary efforts and commitment of so many individuals and organizations in our community. We could always use more support, so please consider volunteering your time.

Cool Davis Administrative & Communications  Teams Provide Support to Campaigns and Coalition

  • The Administrative Team guides the activities of Cool Davis and oversees operations and is led by an Executive Director, and other professionals and volunteers who assist with committees and other functions.
  • The Communications Team is led by a Communications Coordinator who engages volunteer writers, graphic designers, photographers, editors, and other talented individuals from our community in spreading the word about climate solutions and the Cool Davis mission.