California Climate Legislation Update
Climate bills SB 32, SB 185, and SB 350 will hit the floor of the Assembly next week. Thanks to hundreds of letters, phone calls, and constituent meetings they made it through the State Senate and through policy committees in the Assembly. Now we need to focus on our local Assembly member who has not yet come out in support of these bills. Please write a letter or make a phone call. Contact info and letter below.

Please contact Assembly member Bill Dodd. His Capitol address is P.O. Box 942849, Room 2137, Sacramento, CA 94249-0004 and Capitol phone number (916) 319-2004.

His District Office is 725 Main Street, Suite 206, Woodland, CA 95695; (530) 662-7867.

These bills will set goals for the year 2050 for minimizing heat trapping gases, set objectives and pathways for reaching those goals, and direct the taxpayer-funded public pension systems to look seriously at moving coal companies out of their investment portfolios.

With continued vigorous support we will keep California in the forefront of reducing heat-trapping emissions and minimizing climate change impacts.

Here is a sample letter.

Dear Assembly member,

Please vote YES on our future by supporting SB 32, SB 350, and SB 185, the climate bills due soon on the Assembly floor.

Climate change is already affecting our health and economy. Forests are burning, fish are dying, fields are fallowed, and streams are drying up. Warming trends increase ozone pollution, and drier lands increase particle pollution. Warmer air combined with rains from a super El Nino would expose us to more pathogens.

The number one cause of climate change is burning petroleum and other fossil fuels. This is why SB 350’s provision to cut petroleum use is critical. Many studies show it can be done in ways that bring economic benefits. California has acted boldly to tackle seemingly insurmountable environmental problems before. We can do it again now.

How you decide to vote on SB 32 (extend the California Global Warming Solutions Act to 2050) and SB 185 (divest public pension funds from coal) will determine if California stands as a beacon to others. We know the world’s nations are failing at this mission. It is up to innovative and courageous state and local governments to lead.

The California Global Warming Solutions Act put California in the forefront of clean energy and transportation, creating a strong foundation for the jobs of the future. With SB 32, SB 350, and SB 185, California is poised to maintain that leadership position, reaping economic and health benefits that will accrue to those who embrace practical solutions to the climate crisis.

Your vote on the Assembly floor will be one of the most pivotal decisions you will ever make. If California leads, there’s a good change that others will join, giving us cause for hope.

Please vote YES on SB 32, SB 350, and SB 185. Lead your colleagues on the Assembly floor. Ask them to support California’s healthy clean energy future.

Thank you.

War is BAD for the climate!

War is bad in every way. It causes increased carbon emissions, destroys the environment, displaces populations, and is a terrible waste of money that is desperately needed to solve the challenges we face, including climate change.

Right now we have the opportunity to stop a war before it begins. Congress will soon vote to either support diplomacy or put us on the road to a war with Iran. The same people who got us into the war in Iraq are back trying to undermine the President’s peace plan with Iran. Call your representatives: Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer. Tell them to support diplomacy with Iran.   Thank Representative John Garamendi for supporting the Iran deal.