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Board of Directors

Meet the Cool Davis Foundation Board of Directors! The role of the Board is to support and promote the mission of Cool Davis in the community.

Our Board members are

  • Bill Heinicke, President
  • Lynne Nittler, Secretary
  • Mark Tebutt,  Treasurer
  • Judy Moores, Past President
  • Dick and Carol Bourne
  • Kerry Daane-Loux
  • Michael McCormick
  • Anne Savageaux

The Board meets monthly and may be made up of as many as 15 members who have rotating 3-year terms.

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Contact Us

  • For more information about Cool Davis, email info@cooldavis.org or fill in the Contact Us form below.
  • To submit a story idea or information about happenings in our community relevant to the Cool Davis mission, email newseditor@cooldavis.org.
  • For snail mail, send correspondence to P.O. Box 4013, Davis, CA 95617.

Connect with us online at

To make a donation to Cool Davis, go to our Donations page.

We hope to hear from you soon!


Contact Us

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Founding of Cool Davis

Davis climate rally in October 2009

Davis climate rally in October 2009

Cool Davis was formally launched in October 2010, but its roots had already taken hold nearly five years earlier.

In response to growing awareness of the climate crisis, in 2005, then Mayor Ruth Uy Asmundson, on behalf of the City of Davis signed the U.S. Mayors Agreement on Climate Control in support of the Kyoto Protocols, pledging the City to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

City staff soon began working and researching ways to implement the pledge. When the city staff did a greenhouse gas inventory and found that over 75 percent of Davis emissions were generated by the daily activities of its residents, it was clear that the only way that Davis would reach its targets would be with the help of all its citizens. Read more

How We Work

Task force meeting monthly to household strategies for ghg reduction

Task force meeting monthly to plan strategies to engage households in ghg reduction

Cool Davis runs thanks to the extraordinary efforts and voluntary commitment of so many individuals and organizations in our community. But it always needs more support so please consider volunteering your time.

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Mission and Goals

Cool Davis is an active network of residents, community organizations, businesses and community institutions committed to implementing the City of Davis’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

Our mission is to inspire our community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and improve the quality of life for all.

We engage in our mission with a philosophy of fun! Climate change is serious but in order to make change we must engage all of the community and all of our creativity in the process.  Cool Davis actively incorporates organizations and activities around good food, laughter, music, art, poetry, dance, visual arts, and film.

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Partners Coalition

The Cool Davis Partners Coalition is a network of more than 80 partners joined together to support the Cool Davis mission.  Individual community members are also welcome to participate in the Cool Davis Coalition.

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Science of Climate Change

Scientific consensus on climate change

Climate sceptics make a great noise, but among climate scientists there is almost unanimity that humans are causing climate change

We still don’t have a full picture about how climate change will affect humanity in coming generations but there is almost complete agreement among climate scientists that:

  • Climate change is happening at an increasingly accelerated rate
  • Climate change is caused by human activity, in particular the increase in emissions of carbon

A small vociferous minority of skeptics – sponsored by the fossil fuel industry – have succeeded in creating enough public doubt to put a brake on policy change at national level in the US. Their actions are rather like the tobacco companies who succeeded for many decades in creating doubt about the health dangers of smoking. Read more

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