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What can one person do?

There will be two chances to hear Kathleen Dean Moore, an acclaimed speaker and philosopher speaking on the moral urgency of climate change: a talk in the Vets Theater on March 6th and the Interfaith Climate Conference on March 7.

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Become a Cool Home today

Sign up to become a Cool Home and be part of our community’s effort to become America’s ‘coolest city’ in 2017 and work towards our goal of a being carbon-neutral city by 2050.

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Volunteer with Cool Davis

Read about all the possibilities for action here and then use this form if you wish to volunteer

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How cool are we?

Three Davis residents share their stories on how they lowered their carbon footprint.

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The Moral Urgency of Climate Action

Kathleen Dean Moore is an environmental advocate, nature writer, and moral philosopher.

By Lynne Nittler

In a flood of extinctions and on-rushing global warming, what can one person do to change the course of the river? Why should anyone try?

Cool Davis invites the public to a feisty talk on Friday, March 6, that also will touch hearts and renew commitments to slow climate change. In a talk that is equal parts anger and love, writer/philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore will speak about the nature of change and call participants to radical truth-telling and courageous citizenship. (more…)

Volunteers transform lawn into a drought-resistant garden


Grass2Garden volunteers change grass to 3 fruit trees, water conserving mulch, and drought tolerant herbs.


Cross posted from Davis Enterprise, 2-19-2015

Every year, with the approach of the summer heat, the grasses of Lynn Blumenstein’s back yard turned brown because she was reluctant to water her thirsty lawn.

On Sunday, however, Blumenstein’s back yard received a complete transformation into a drought-resistant garden as part of the Grass2Garden initiative’s kickoff. (more…)

Per Capita Davis: Solar energy is sizzling in Yolo County


John Mott-Smith Credit: Davis Enterprise

By John Mott-Smith

Cross posted from the Davis Enterprise, 2-19-2015

Rooftop solar photovoltaic systems sprouted up on an increasing number of homes throughout Yolo County in 2014. Of course, many, many systems were installed prior to 2004, and it would be interesting to go backwards in time and count how many since 2000, or even earlier, but to my knowledge there is no database where that information is easily accessible. (more…)

Davis Faith Groups Take Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril

Moore's book groups essays from 100 world visionaries into 14 reasons to protect this planet in peril.

Story Cross-posted from Davis Enterprise.  February 17, 2015

Community Invited to March 7 Conference

Do we have a moral obligation to take action to protect the future of a planet in peril?

By Lynne Nittler

Kathleen Dean Moore posed this question to 100 world visionaries — the Dalai Lama, Thich Naht Hanh, Bill McKibben, E.O. Wilson, Wendell Berry, Thomas L. Friedman, Barak Obama and more —  (more…)

“What brings you to Soups & Stews?”


(By Pachia Vang) It was the first question our instructor asked us and we, bright-eyed and food-curious students, had a variety of answers! From being new Davis residents keen to learn more about the local food co-op, to wanting new tips on how to jazz up old soup recipes, it was clear that each student was on a mission of their own.

What led me to the Davis Food Co-op’s “Intro to Soups & Stews” class? Well for starters soups are my favorite comfort food. When I came across the class on the Co-op’s Cooking calendar I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to improve on my soup skills. And with a “Not-So-Creamy Creamy Vegetable Soup” on the learning menu for the night, I was excited that we were cooking something not only healthy for us but also for the environment! That’s what my favorite part about the Co-op is!

When we think about what kind of a foot print we are leaving behind on this planet an important part of what we need to consider is our food print. What are we eating and how are these choices making an impact on the world around us? (more…)

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Davis Bike Collective: 2013 Climate Solution Award

Davis Bike Collective

Jason Moore, Jan Wright, and Matt Seitzler have been with the Davis Bike Collective since the begining. They helped establish the Bike Church which eventually became today's Bike Forth at Fourth and L Streets.

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