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April 27: Earth Day Celebration and Eco-Hero Awards

Don’t miss this performance of a striking dance piece, Call of the Wolf, and the chance to meet this year’s inspiring Eco-Hero and Climate Solution Award winners.

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Join The Climate Ride - May 17-20

Pedal your bike and power Cool Davis through this unforgettable wine country bike tour!

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Volunteer with Cool Davis

Read about all the possibilities for action here and then use this form if you wish to volunteer

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How cool are we?

Three Davis residents share their stories on how they lowered their carbon footprint.

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Special thanks to our sponsors

Thank You to the Cool Davis Sponsors

Cool Davis wants to give a huge thank you to our sponsors that help us do our crucial work.

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Partner: Unitrans teams up with Cool Davis to promote public transport

Unitrans Bus

Unitrans, which has offered bus services for university members and Davis residents since 1968 is the latest organisation to join the Cool Davis coalition.

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Action: Water conservation tips

Saving Water

In today’s world where water is growing scarce, every flush and shower counts. With water becoming more precious and rates rising, everybody wins by conserving.

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Rethinking our town’s energy future

No more electricity bills

By Mark Braly, Gerald Braun, Richard Bourne, William Knox, Alan Pryor and Eugene Wilson

We have been thinking about a different energy future for Davis.
* Almost every dollar Davis residents and businesses spend on electrical energy stays in Davis.
* All of the community’s electrical power is provided by local sources — mostly photovoltaic panels covering unshaded rooftops, parking lots and some vacant lots. Renters and homeowners without suitable roof space can buy into solar gardens in and around the city and get credit on their utility bills. (more…)

Oil Filter Exchange

Exchange your used oil filter and get free supplies  on May 17.

Do you change your own motor oil? If so, recycle a used oil filter at any AutoZone or O’Reilly Auto Parts store in Yolo County or Napa Auto Parts (Pisani’s) in Winters during normal business hours on Saturday, May 17th and we’ll give you a new, comparable one for free! (more…)

David Suzuki’s Earth Day Reflections

When we see Earth from space we realize we must protect the only home we have.

By Lynne Nittler

Just today I signed up for another irresistible daily news email that I don’t have time to read: EcoWatch: Transforming Green. A friend sent me a dazzling article from it, and once on the site, I couldn’t stop clicking from one article to the next. I was preparing articles for this Cool Davis newsletter, pondering a reflective piece for the 2014 Earth Day edition when I discovered an Earth Day contribution by one of my favorite writer-activists – Dr. David Suzuki. (more…)

The Bill McKibben Fungus Gnat

Peter Kerr named his newly discovered gnat after his climate hero, Bill McKibben.

By Lynne Nittler

Peter Kerr, a scientist who works for the CA State Collection of Arthropods, of the CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture in Sacramento, usually identifies suspected plant pests, helps enhance the state collection of arthropods, and does biodiversity research. However, he admits he bears a particular fondness for a group of flies that are associated with mushrooms (family Mycetophilidae). (more…)

Welcoming Davis Friends Meeting, a new Cool Davis Partner

Stephanie Carucci of Davis Friends Meeting is tabling for the Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice!

By Lynne Nittler

The EarthCare Group of Davis Friends Meeting met in Nan Rowan’s cozy living room to discuss whether to become a partner of the Cool Davis Coalition. They began with a few minutes of silent meditation to center their thoughts and dispel the busyness of the day, and reminded themselves that much as we worry about our imperiled world, we must also make time each day to revel in its beauty and bounty. (more…)

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Tinker, tailor, eco-hero

Larry Fisher

Larry Fisher in the backyard where he converts trash into useful goods

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