Cool Davis Festival, October 11 2014

Cool Davis had a wonderful festival. Come back for photos and reports soon!

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New chair of Cool Davis coalition

Sara Husby has become Cool Davis coalition’s new chair, bringing a wealth of experience, ideas and community contacts that will boost our work to reduce our community’s carbon impact.

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How cool are we?

Three Davis residents share their stories on how they lowered their carbon footprint.

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Special thanks to our sponsors

Repower Yolo

Cool Davis wants to give a huge thank you to our sponsors that help us do our crucial work.

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New to Cool Davis, CivicSpark Member Sam Webb

Sam Webb

By Pachia Vang

Sam Webb is one of three new Cool Davis members who joins us from the CivicSpark AmeriCorps program in Sacramento. For the next 11-months Sam and his cohorts will be working on energy, transportation, and consumption in Davis. As our energy lead, Sam will be signing households up for our Cool Homes program and helping them reduce their energy!

Growing up alongside a beautiful lake and snowy mountain tops in the quaint little town of Sunapee, New Hampshire, Sam spent a lot of time outdoors helping his family out on their hobby farm. This upbringing has shaped his worldviews tremendously and is a compelling reason why he is committed to environmental work. “I’ve always thought about the environment and how we impact it. Even from a young age.”

This closeness to the environment is what led him to the University of Vermont where he pursued a degree in Environment Science and graduated from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. Focusing specifically on Ecological Design and Sustainability he really appreciated how much his studies allowed him to continue living an active lifestyle, from doing small things like planting trees along the river to working on bigger projects as an intern installing solar panels.


New to Cool Davis, CivicSpark Member Pachia Vang

Pachia Vang

By Sam Webb

“This is going to be fun, what an interesting and challenging project to be a part of. Climate change is something we are all going to deal with and I wanted to join this program and learn the skills to make environmentally sound choices as a professional.” Pachia Vang

Pachia Vang is one of three CivicSpark members with Cool Davis and will be focusing on household consumption; specifically, waste, water and food. She will working in the community, building capacity to reduce consumption and its related greenhouse gases. The CivicSpark program is a Governor’s Initiative of Americorps partnered with the Local Government Commission and has a total of 48 members working in nine different locations around the state. (more…)

Per Capita Davis: When push comes to shove


This column by John Mott-Smith is republished from the Davis Enterprise.

Perhaps this is not true for everyone, but it has been an article of faith (and hope) for me that the consequence of delaying action now to curb emissions would be the necessity for future actions, be they laws or regulations, to be stronger.

The assumption is that at some point we would reach a point where policymakers catch up with scientists and get off their rear ends to tackle climate change. The laws and regulations enacted in the future would be more stringent than if enacted now because we would have less time to avoid reaching tipping points.

There’s another possible scenario, however. The most recent report from the scientific community expresses alarm and deep concern that our failure to act now to reduce emissions could result in worldwide food shortages, regional displacement of large numbers of people, flooding of major cities, and other events and circumstances that will put people and nations in conflict with each other.


Per Capita Davis: News from the Funny Papers


This column by John Mott-Smith is republished from the Davis Enterprise

The last column was somewhat sobering, so I thought I’d start this one out with news from the funny papers. A recent cartoon pictured a factory, labeled “U.N. Climate Summit,” with smokestacks spewing what appears to be black smoke into the air.

Upon closer inspection, however, the smoke is not smoke at all, instead the cloud consists of hundreds of written “blah, blah, blahs,” the “emissions” from a meeting of leaders of nations not doing anything but talking about climate                                                     change. Ha ha.

Now for the news from the not-so-funny pages. The last column was about what might happen when push comes to shove with climate change and we actually confront adverse effects such as rising seas, hotter climates, reduced crop yields and mass dislocation of populations. The column worried that conflict rather than communication or compromise might be the norm.


Per Capita Davis: Stamp Out Global Warming


This column by John Mott-Smith is republished from the Davis Enterprise.

The US Postal Service is making a commitment to sustainability with “Go Green” stamps and practices.

I confess: I still go to the library to look things up, have a land line in the house, and use snail mail to pay bills and (gasp) correspond with friends.

I have always thought that the U.S. Postal Service was one of the greatest deals ever. For pennies (OK, now it’s dimes) I can write a letter to a friend who lives across the country in New York, drop it into a mail box (not so many around as there used to be) and it will be picked up, taken to a post office, sorted and sent to a distribution center, put on a truck, airplane or both, and delivered in just a couple of days to my friend’s door. (more…)

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Judy Corbett: Climate solutions awardee

Judy Corbett

Judy Corbett, a longtime Davis resident, is a winner of the Cool Davis Climate Solutions Award. She is stepping down after three decades as executive director of the award-winning Local Government Commission.

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