This Changes Everything

The award-winning new movie by Naomi Klein will be screened in Davis on November 15th. Book your ticket now ($0-12)!

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Inspire our community
Reduce greenhouse gases
Adapt to a changing climate
Improve quality of life for all.

What is Cool Davis?
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Become a Cool Home today

Sign up to become a Cool Home and be part of our community’s effort to become America’s ‘coolest city’ in 2017 and work towards our goal of a being carbon-neutral city by 2050.

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Volunteer with Cool Davis

Read about all the possibilities for action here and then use this form if you wish to volunteer

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Thank you!

On May 5th, the Big Day of Giving, Cool Davis received over $4000 to its crucial work to reduce our community’s carbon footprint. Many of our partners too benefited thanks to your generosity

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Give Cool on Giving Tuesday


This year, on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Cool Davis, many of our partners and other local non-profits are participating in #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving. We invite you to join the movement and to help get out the give this December 1.

• Give on #Giving Tuesday – Cool Davis Board members and friends have pledge $15,000 in matching funds in this season giving. Won’t you join them and double your impact! (more…)

Shop Green and Local

gift earth

Gift Ideas List:  Give Green, Shop local.  Grow our economy.  Shrink our carbon footprintMembers of the Davis Climate Action Team, concerned citizens and Cool Davis created a list of suggestions for a greener holiday celebration. Get two for one this holiday season. Give a gift to your loved ones that’s also a gift to the planet. (more…)

Interfaith Alliance introduces Meatless Monday

Chef Debra Chase teaches free Cooking Demos of vegetarian and Vegan dishes.  Yum!

Yolo Interfaith Alliance for climate Justice has introduced Interfaith Meatless Monday to most of its 11 member congregations. Joining Meatless Monday is One Simple Thing we can do to address climate change. For the health of the planet, for our own health, to save water, to save money, and to help alleviate world hunger, members of various faith communities in Davis are pausing to place a dried bean in a jar for each meatless day that week. It’s a small act that multiplied by many people and many meatless days has a big impact. (more…)

Praying and transformation in a time of Climate Change

We hold hands in a spirit of hope.

The 40,000 world leaders from 190 countries are gathered in Paris to reach an agreement to curb carbon emissions and to find ways to support vulnerable countries and communities in adapting to the impacts of climate change that are happening right now. Our prayers are needed to strengthen their resolve.

Meanwhile, we can begin a revolution by changing ourselves. (more…)

Helpful Resources for the Paris Climate Talks

President Obama has made a commitment to curbing U.S. ghg emissions, but is less willing to negotiate on funds to help countries already suffering from climate disruption.

The Paris Climate Talks make people all around the globe stop and think about this earth – our one home – and our relationship to it. Clearly we are out of sync, and our use, and sometimes abuse, of the planet is causing serious repercussions for the health of the planet and for all its life forms, including ourselves.

Here are some resources to remind you of what we have, to alert yourself to some of the problems and to keep you informed on the Paris negotiations.

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Back to School means composting for Davis Elementary

Composting trash cans at Davis Elementary School

Composting trash cans at Davis Elementary School

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