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Become a Cool Home today

Sign up to become a Cool Home and be part of our community’s effort to become America’s ‘coolest city’ in 2017 and work towards our goal of a being carbon-neutral city by 2050.

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Volunteer with Cool Davis

Read about all the possibilities for action here and then use this form if you wish to volunteer

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How cool are we?

Three Davis residents share their stories on how they lowered their carbon footprint.

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Thank you!

On May 5th, the Big Day of Giving, Cool Davis received over $4000 to its crucial work to reduce our community’s carbon footprint. Many of our partners too benefited thanks to your generosity

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Live Well! Viva Bien!

Bill Powers will lead a workshop on Living Well on Sept. 27.

Hold the date! National best-selling author of New Slow City: Living Simply in the World’s Fastest City, William Powers will give the keynote talk at a Cool Davis workshop “Living Well Today.” His presentation will include insights from living and working in New York City and his current efforts in Bolivia, a country that in 2010 passed laws protecting the rights of Mother Earth and formalizing government policies on “vivir bien,” the indigenous concept of “living well.”

Special guest Sue Barton will add a Davis perspective when she shares the local challenges and joys of simplifying life. Sue is a homeowner in Parkview Place, the only multi-unit building in the City of Davis to be certified LEEDS platinum. (more…)

CA Climate Legislative Alert – Act This Week!

Support SB32 to renew our climate goals. Contact Assemblyman Bill Dodds!

California Climate Legislation Update
Climate bills SB 32, SB 185, and SB 350 will hit the floor of the Assembly next week. Thanks to hundreds of letters, phone calls, and constituent meetings they made it through the State Senate and through policy committees in the Assembly. Now we need to focus on our local Assembly member who has not yet come out in support of these bills. Please write a letter or make a phone call. Contact info and letter below. (more…)

CA Climate Leadership Bills: Powering the New Economy

Support SB32 to renew our climate goals. Contact Assemblyman Bill Dodds!

California is a national and international leader in climate change legislation. The promising words in Governor Brown’s State of the State Address in February, 2015 have been transformed into a dozen powerful bills comprising the California Climate Leadership Bill Package found here. The subtitle is Powering the New Economy. (more…)

Per Capita Davis: The battery bonanza


Credit: Davis Enterprise

By John Mott-Smith From page A4 | July 16, 2015

Cross posted from the Davis Enterprise

This is the second of three (I think) columns on the topic of energy storage; specifically, electrical energy storage. Why so much time spent on a seemingly mundane topic like energy storage? (more…)

Davis Enterprise Endorses Moving Forward on Community Choice Energy

CCE picCommunity Choice Energy: The middle path to power

Cross posted from Davis Enterprise
By Our View From page B4 | June 07, 2015

The issue: CCE represents a better way to achieve conservation goals (more…)

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Davis Bike Collective: 2013 Climate Solution Award

Davis Bike Collective

Jason Moore, Jan Wright, and Matt Seitzler have been with the Davis Bike Collective since the begining. They helped establish the Bike Church which eventually became today's Bike Forth at Fourth and L Streets.

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