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Do you know an eco-hero?

Do you know someone or an organization in our community doing great work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Nominate them for Cool Davis’ 2015 Eco-hero or Climate Solutions Award. Deadline: March 27

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Become a Cool Home today

Sign up to become a Cool Home and be part of our community’s effort to become America’s ‘coolest city’ in 2017 and work towards our goal of a being carbon-neutral city by 2050.

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Volunteer with Cool Davis

Read about all the possibilities for action here and then use this form if you wish to volunteer

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How cool are we?

Three Davis residents share their stories on how they lowered their carbon footprint.

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Special thanks to our sponsors


Cool Davis wants to give a huge thank you to our sponsors that help us do our crucial work.

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NASA Scientist looks at Jet-Stream Data

The drought and warm temperatures in the west and the low temperatures and heavy snow in the east this winter are both due to the loops in the polar jet stream.

Review of article by Jay Famiglietti

by Lynne Nittler

We’re all aware of the CA drought. We know we’re entering a 4th year, and it’s serious. But the analysis of NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti that we really have about one year of water left in our reservoirs is more than sobering.

It’s easy to be concerned about the dramatic record low temperatures and snowfall in the eastern U.S. this winter, but the record drought in CA is just as devasting and will be felt across the nation as it impacts our agriculture. What can we do? (more…)

More than Scientists, a new website

More Than Scientists is a new website with personal stories  and views of climate scientists.

Review by Lynne Nittler

There’s a new, irresistible website that just launched March 16. It’s the kind of personal story-telling that short videos make possible as they draw you in, and then leave you moved and thoughtful long afterwards. Some will change you.

In an unprecedented collaboration between climate scientists, advocacy organizations and the public, More Than Scientists presents the real life stories and personal views of scientists on the frontlines of climate research. (more…)

International Antarctic Expedition 2015

Follow the International Antarctic Expedition 2015 at now!

EcoWatch is chronicling the International Antarctic Expedition 2015  led by Robert Swan, a polar explorer and environmentalist. The trip began March 13 and will end March 25.

Robert Swan was the first man ever to walk unsupported to both the South Pole (in 1984) and the North Pole (in 1989). Since then he has become a leading advocate for the preservation of the Antarctic. His concern is 2041 when the world moratorium on mining and drilling will expire. He is leading this present expedition with people from around the world to inspire them to help protect this last great wilderness. (more…)

Vegan Cheese Spread

Use cashews to make a delicious vegan "cheese" ball.

Suggested by J. Moores

Are you trying to eat lower on the food chain?  Of course you turned to cheese…until you discovered cheese is almost as high as beef for carbon emissions!  Now what? Who doesn’t love the creamy texture and snappy taste of cheese.

Try this delicious vegan “cheese” option and see if it satisfies your desire in a most filling way!  It’s easy, too.

Begin with soaked cashews. (more…)

Pipe Dreams Greywater- New Cool Davis Partner

Replumb your bathroom sink, shower, and clothes washer to water your garden.  Save water and money!

By Judy Moores

Kent Thompson’s “Pipe Dreams Greywater” is no longer a dream. It’s Kent’s business, and his aim is to help homeowners conserve and reuse water that would otherwise “go down the drain.”

Kent can help you plumb your bathroom sinks, showers and washing machines for landscape irrigation!  Save water and money! (more…)

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Real Life: Greening our Davis Schools

Students on Emerson's Earth Team

Students on Emerson's Earth Team who first installed the filtered water system and sold reusable stainless steel water bottles.

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